Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stockade, Internals & Review

nerf, stockade, review, internals, range
The Elite stockade will be the elite version of the barricade. At this point (9/4) it's still only available in the UK.

Here is what we All care about, the guts
nerf, stockade, review, internals, range, motors

 These motors are NOT the same as the hailfire or the rayven.  These are stubby and short and not the standard size motor you see in rayvens barricades or any other flyweel that I know of

More pics after the jump.

nerf, stockade, review, internals, range, motors
The housing looks to be compatable with the barricade.  This will be nice for people who like their clipped barricades.
nerf, stockade, review, internals, range, motors
Here is a pic of the motor removed that shows its shape and size.

Hailfire motors  and Rayven motors for comparison

<-------Hailfire                Rayven------->

 The box says 20M which is 65.6ft.
However, the back of the box has this line "Fires up to 22m"
This translates into 72ft which is in line with the claims of the rest of the elites
nerf, stockade, review, internals, range, motors

The trigger/pusher mechanism of the Stockade vs barricade for comparison.
The only real difference that I can see:
-Pusher arm is angled on the stockade
-Return spring positon

nerf, stockade, review, internals, range, motors

Another difference is that the stockade has some kind of a dart tooth system where the barricade does not.


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