Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chronograph and Elite mods, 28 days later...

So it's been awful dead here.

I guess all the action has moved over to NM&R as of late, but I do know this place still exists and I am still a member. I'm not sure what the plans are for this place or if this post should be placed here given the NM&R deal, so if you want to move it or me over, that's OK. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post much of anything back in the day due to being busy and having a distinct lack of new mods or any other nerf-related material, so sorry to Darthrambo for not being the contributor I should have at the time.

Anyway... now to business.

First of all, this is the latest addition to my nerf gear, a Chrony F1 chronograph.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New author: torukmakto4

I'm torukmakto4 of the HVZ Forums and I am the latest author here.

I tend to keep things quite practical and with sporting purpose, and view everything through HVZ practicality by default.

I will try to get something more up soon, and I hope to have a good time here!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Greenwing's BBB AT2K Integration - The Hazard

"This is my fusion of ForsakenAngel24's Crooksbow and atomatron's Violet Lightning.
I liked the trigger and pump placement of the Crooksbow and the handle of the Violet Lightning. So I combined what I like along with new improvements such as the homemade internals and custom trigger.

I made this with a scrapped BBB in poor condition, so I was not able to get it to have as much draw as you normally could.

If I had used a new BBB I would have gotten it to shoot much harder as well as function smoother. It still turned out great though so I am not complaining. :)"

Check out the video for internals, firing demo, and more details.

Vid and picafter the jump.

More Elite Pinpoint Sightings

SGNerf found it first , but there have been more sightings of the Elite Pinpoint Sight!

Credit goes to Drizzdo at

He has some explanation on the sight , translated here for you

'Nerf guns do not have to put a blue and white color, or with them look better.
This nerf red dot sight is a white-blue color, it is estimated that such color to match the new Elite Series this year. The aim needs to put the two batteries, the following picture is located in the battery compartment lid aiming front direction, lettering displayed above is produced in 2008'

'Aiming mirror with a transparent plastic sheet, printed on a scale. Back end aiming a red laser transmitter emitting laser side switch is open, this time red points will be projected onto the the aiming mirror plastic piece. The figure below shows the aim of the left switch'

From this we can tell that Nerf/Hasbro are using the same molds for the Elite Sight , as with most of the Elite Blasters- Sneaky Nerf!

Picture Time!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Snapfire 8

snapfire 8, snap, nerf, range test, internals, modThe snapfire 8 is and 8 shot semiautomatic pistol.  The trigger pull primes the spring, turns the turret and fires the dart.   
This is out in some countries but not in the US and hasbro has confirmed that it (and the stockade) will not be released in the US this year.

snapfire 8, snap, nerf, range test, internals, mod As you can see from this pic the snapfire 8 is actually powered by a extension spring rather than a compression spring.  The spring can be adjusted by the knob on the bottom of the grip or  by the switch in the grip.

Monday, September 24, 2012


This is a Barricon (a Barricade with a Recon mag well).  

Nerf, mod, flywheel, barricade, motor, recon, barricon, air zone, power strike 48m, motor, replacement, voltage, trustfire, I got impatient for a stockade so I put some motors from a Power strike 48 in a barricade which should be somewhat comparable. For good measure I put the mag well on cannibalizing the tommycon which was just collecting dust.
 A bit of a write up after the jump.

 A bit of a write up after the jump.